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Guns in the Glen

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© The Publisher

Full title: Images of Artillery and ’98 in West Wicklow

Creator / Author: Michael O’Reilly

Item Type / Page count: Magazine Article / 2pp

Journal Information: Ireland’s Eye Magazine, Issue 217, pp. 14-15

When Published: January 1999

Publisher / Place of Publication: Ireland’s Eye / 6 Dominick Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

About: A short two-page article where the title says it all. The Donard-born author comments on the historical background of six photographs.

Extra #1: Includes four black & white photographs from the Glen of Imaal, plus one photograph of both the Dunlavin and Baltinglass 1798 monuments.

Wonders of Ireland (as Gaeilge)

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Full title: Iontais na hÉireann

Creator / Author: Séamas Ó Maitiú

Item Type / Page count: Book / 84pp

When Published: 1995

Publisher / Place of Publication: AN GÚM / 44 O’Connell Upper, Dublin 1.

About: A children’s book written in the Irish language. The book is a mixture of fairy tales and true stories, all collected under the banner of ‘Irish Wonders’. The book is aimed at learners of Irish and includes translations of the more difficult words.

ID number(s): 1857911733

Chapters: Long an tSaibhris – An bhaca tú do Vailintín  – An áit is dorcha in Éireann –An chloch a ligeadh liú aisti! – Nithe a thiteann as an spéir – An tslí mhór thar an bportach –Saighdiúir ar iarraidh – Leiviatan Pharsonstown – Cuileog, dar fia! — Chroith mé lámh leis na mairbh – Cá bhfaightear an fhalcóg mhór? — Fuinneog an bháis – Arkle – ar luas lasrach – An Mol Theas I gCiarrái! – Dineasár I gContae an Dúin – Cá bhfuil Shergar? – Réabóirí reilige – Póg na beatha – Master McGrath – ar nós na gaoithe – Gadaíocht sa Chaisleán.

WW Connection #1: The author is a long-time resident of West Wicklow.

Extra #1: Each chapter includes a colour illustration by Pieter Sluis.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Tithes Payable by Blessington Folk from 1833

Full title: Townlands in Blessington (Wicklow)

Creator / Author: Genealogical Society of Utah in partnership with The National Archives of Ireland

Item Type: Website / Publicly Accessible

Homepage URL: http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie/search/tab/home.jsp

When Viewed: Contents described are those showing when viewed in February 2014.

Publisher / Place of Publication: National Archives of Ireland / Bishop Street, Dublin 8.

About: Tithe Applotment Books were compiled between 1823 and 1837 in an attempt to determine how much the holders of agricultural land over 1 acre should pay in taxes or tithes to the established Church of Ireland. These books list the name of the head of each relevant household outside of urban areas. A Tithe Applotment book was compiled for each Church of Ireland parish. Some of the transcribed names of people and places are not 100% accurate, but the original entries may be viewed for clarification.

Contents: Ballydonnell – Ballylow – Ballynabrocky – Ballynatona – Ballynasculloge – Ballyward – Blackrock – Blessington — Blessington Demesne – Burgage – Burgage More – Burgage Moyle – Burgage Moyle Glashina – Burgage Moyle Russellstown – Butterhill – Crosscoolharbour – Deerpark – Dillonsdown – Edmondstown – Glashina — Haylands – Hempstown – Holyvalley – Lower Ballynasculloge — Lower Ballysmuttan — Lower Knockieran – Lugnagun — Merry Land – Oldcourt – Paddocks – Russborough – Russellstown – Santryhill — Threecastles and Goldenhill – Threecastles — Upper Ballynasculloge — Upper Ballysmuttan — Upper Knockieran.

Extra #1: Browse the Tithe Applotment Book(s) for Blessington Parish

Hat-Tip: To the Genealogical Society of Utah and The National Archives of Ireland who have arranged for the digitisation of these records and their free accessibility online.

Holt up in the Wicklow Mountains

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© The Publisher

Full title: Rebellion in Wicklow: General Joseph Holt’s Personal Account of 1798

Creator / Author: Joseph Holt (edited by Peter O’Shaughnessy)

Item Type / Page count: Book / 176p

When Published: 1998

Publisher / Place of Publication: Four Courts Press / Fumbally Court, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

About: A first-hand account by a major participant in the 1798 Rebellion. Joseph Holt took the side of the Irish rebels and operated a guerilla campaign based in the Wicklow Mountains.  This book was published in the bicentenary year of the Rebellion.

ID number(s): 1851823662

Contents: Foreword — Preface — Calendar of events — Songs — Editor’s Introduction — The Life and Adventures of Joseph Holt, prior to his transportation, annotated — Editor’s Postscript – Appendices: [1] Some Opinions Regarding Joseph Holt – [2] Unrest in Wicklow in the Months Before the Rebellion – [3] The Battle of Ballyellis – [4] Croppy Biddy Dolan – [5] Informers’ Reports – [6] Documents Concerning Holt’s Surrender – [7] Thomas Hugo – [8] Holt Witnesses an ‘exemplary’ Flogging in New South Wales – Source References – Maps – Index.

WW Connection #1: Includes references to many locations in West Wicklow that are associated with the actions of Joseph Holt.

Extra #1: Includes map of locations in South Dublin, Wicklow and North Wexford..

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Search the contents of this book via the Hathi Trust website. Note: The fulltext of this book is not available here.

Field Trip to Burgage in 1938

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Full title: Antiquities of Burgage and District

Creator / Author: L. Price

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 7p

Journal Information: Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, Vol. XII, No. 4, pp. 137-143

When Published: July 1939

Publisher / Place of Publication: County Kildare Archaeological Society / Kildare.

About:   In July 1938, members of the County Kildare Archaeological Society visited the Burgage area. During this visit, Liam Price gave a talk on what was of interest in the area and touched upon the history of the district and its people. This paper is based on that talk.

ID number(s): 0332-0782

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2 Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #3: View the entry for ‘Burgage’ in the Placenames Database of Ireland.

Extra #4: Visit the County Kildare Archaeology Society website.

One Part Land and One Part Lake

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© The Publisher

Full title: Lacken, county Wicklow

Creator / Author: Séamas Ó Maitiú

Item Type / Page count: Book Chapter / 17p

When Published: 1998

Publisher / Place of Publication: Four Courts Press / Fumbally Court, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

Parent Publication [book]: Irish townlands: studies in local hisory / edited by Paul Connell, Denis A. Cronin & Brian Ó Dalaigh / 235pp

About: One of nine essays collected in this book which celebrates the basic administrative unit of settlement in Ireland. This particular chapter details the history of Lacken ‘towneland’, in the civil parish of Baltyboys, barony of Talbotstown Lower, county of Wicklow. The townland, once over 1500 acres in extent, lost almost half of this beneath the waters of the Poulaphuca Reservoir. The sense of loss is still palpable.

ID number(s): 1851823190

Extra #1: includes map and several graphs.

Extra #2: View the entry for ‘Lacken’ in the Placenames Database of Ireland.

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Battle of Baltinglass Baby

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© Independent News & Media PLC

Full title: Secrets of a small-town postmistress

Creator / Author: Dermot Bolger

Item Type / Page count: Magazine Article / 4pp

Journal Information: Halcyon Magazine, 05/02/2014, pp. 8-11

When Published: 2014

Publisher / Place of Publication: Independent Newspapers / 27-32 Talbot Street, Dublin 1.

About: When Helen Cooke lost her job in the local post-office in 1950, it gave rise to an episode in modern Irish History known as ‘The Battle of Baltinglass’. This article gives an brief account of that episode but only as background to a family saga that involved a baby daughter being raised by an aunt as her own and the efforts made by the family to thwart the girl finding out about her true parentage. The article appeared in the magazine ‘Halcyon’, which was published as a supplement in the Irish Independent newspaper of Wednesday, 5th February 2014.

Extra #1: Includes several photographs.

Extra #2: Read this article online via the publisher’s website Independent.ie

Hat-Tip: To Independent Newspapers for making this article available online.

Households in Donard Parish in middle of 19th century

Book cover image

Full title: Parish of Donard

Creator / Author: Richard Griffith

Item Type / Page count: Book Chapter / eDoc / 7p

When Published: 1854

Publisher / Place of Publication: Alexander Thom and Sons for Her Majesty’s Stationary Office / 87 Abbey Street, Dublin.

Parent Publication [book]: County of Wicklow: valuation of the several tenements comprising that portion of the Union of Baltinglass situate in the county above named / Richard Griffith, General Valuation Office / 106pp

About: The property tax system of 1850’s Ireland. It was the first major attempt at valuing property. This section lists householders in the Parish of Donard, part of the area covered by the Poor Law Union of Baltinglass in West Wicklow.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Ballylion Bawn — Ballylion Lower — Ballylion Upper — Ballymooney — Blackmoor — Broomfields — Coolharbour Lower — Coolharbour Upper — Crickawn — Doodys Bottoms — Donard Demesne East — Town of Donard — Donard Demesne West — Donard Lower — Donard Mountain — Donard Upper — Intack — Irishtown East — Irishtown Park — Irishtown West — Kilbaylet Lower — Kilbaylet Upper — Kilcoagh East — Kilcoagh West — Studfield North — Studfield South.

Extra #1: Read the entries for  GV Donard Parish (pdf file).

Extra #2: Search Griffiths Valuation and link to contemporary maps at AskAboutIreland.ie

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide

Ancient Keadeen Kibbutz?

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Full title: A Prehistoric Enclosure at Keadeen, Co. Wicklow

Creator / Author: Christiaan Corlett

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 11pp

Journal Information: Journal of The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Volume 134, pp. 80-90

When Published: 2004

Publisher / Place of Publication: R.S.A.I / Merrion Square, Dublin

About: The article is a detailed description of the visible remains of an archaeological site which encloses several hut sites and a standing stone. The site is compared with hillforts in the area although it differs from these in that it is not located at the summit. A site excavation will be needed to try to answer questions about its origin and use.

ID number(s): 0035-9106

Extra #1: Includes 10 black & white photographs and a plan of the site.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Read this article online via JSTOR. [Personal registration / conditions apply]. Alternatively, your local public library may provide free online access to this article.

Extra #5: Visit the author’s website & blog

Extra #6: Link to the author’s online presence on Academia.edu

Two Schools Across the River

Book Cover Image

© Rathcoyle NS

Full title: Crossing the Derreen: images and memories of Rathcoyle National School. Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Opening of the New School 1961-2011

Creator / Author: Sean Byrne (compiler and editor) and various contributors.

Item Type / Page count: Book / 160p

When Published: 2011

Publisher / Place of Publication: Rathcoyle National School / Rathcoyle, Rathdangan, Co. Wicklow.

About: A profusely illustrated commemorative book that was issued to mark the diamond jubilee of the ‘New School’ at Rathcoyle. This milestone was used as a focal point to highlight the history of education in the area from the time of the hedge schools to 2011. The book was published locally in a special limited edition of 500 copies and was printed by the firm of one of the past pupils who ‘crossed the Derreen’ in 1961.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Introduction / Sean Byrne – Acknowledgements / Sean Byrne – Foreword / Triona Byrne, Principal — A message from the Chairman of the Board of Management / Jim Whelan — Rathcoyle National School Boards of Management — Rathcoyle National School Today and Tomorrow / Triona Byrne — The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine — The Hedge Schools / Pay Schools: The School Buildings — Subjects Taught — Extracts from Diocesan Report 1824: Rathdangan; Ballinguile; Carricknamiel — The Established Church Schools: Killamoate; Tourboy — Moses Walsh’s Schoolhouse — Rathcoyle National Schools (The old school) — The National School System — The Famine and its aftermath — Payment by results — The ‘Masters’ Byrne — Drury’s Height to Kate’s Cottage by former pupil of the 1950’s — Hugh and Rose Byrne — The Primary Certificate — Christian Doctrine — Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Rathcoyle School 12.06.2011 / Peadar C. Ó’Cuilinn — Early Days Gallery — The New School May 1961 — 1960s Gallery — Askinagap’s National School Amalgamation with Rathcoyle School — Brian Graham — My School Memories / Catherine Coogan (neé Byrne) — The 1960s: recollection of schooldays in Rathcoyle / Simon Byrne — The Rathcoyle Tea Bucket / Mary Kelly (neé Lawler) 1961-1968 — 1970s Gallery — The 1970s: Rathcoyle school memories / Ann Whelan — From Talbotstown to Rathcoyle / Brian Graham — The Lee Cup / Brian Graham — The 1980s: Memories / Nicolette Van der Wel and Teresa Byrne — 1980s Gallery — Memories of Rathcoyle National School / Niall Harmon 1982-1990 – The 1990s: My Memories of Rathcoyle National School / Sean O’Neill — 1990s Gallery – The 1990s: Rathcoyle National School / Ciara Ní Bhroin – Retirement / Brian Graham — The 2000s: Rathcoyle National School / Shane O’Toole — My time at Rathcoyle National School / Bríd Lambert — 2000s Gallery — Caretakers / Board of Management / Chaplain — Teaching Staff Rathcoyle National School 1961-2011 — Teachers 1961-2011 Gallery — The Future.

Extra #1: Includes several photograph galleries showing school classes, school activities and school personnel over the years.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Link to the school webpage on the Rathdangan.com website

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