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I, Patrick, a Sinner…

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Full title: Patrick, the pilgrim apostle of Ireland: including St. Patrick’s Confessio and Epistola

Creator / Author: Edited and translated with analysis and commentary by Máire B. de Paor, PVBM

Item Type / Page count: Book / 313p / 310p

When Published: 1998 / 2002 (US ed.)

Publisher / Place of Publication (UK edition): Veritas Publications / 7-8 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Publisher / Place of Publication (US edition): Regan Books / HarperCollins Publishers Inc., 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022.

About: A portrait of our national saint told through a scholarly analysis of his two surviving writings – The Confession and the Epistle to the Soldiers of Coroticus. While the book is not an easy read and is academic in tone, it is nevertheless a significant addition to the body of literature on Saint Patrick.

ID number(s): 0060009020 / 1853903043 / 1853904503 / 9781853904509

[Introduction]. Saint Patrick’s legacy to his children in the faith. Patrick’s pilgrimage of faith.
[A. Patrick the Writer] What is a Confessio? – Biblical rootedness of the Confessio – Patrick’s conversion – Dramatic structure of the Confessio – Parallel patterns in Patrick’s writings – Chiastic or concentric patterns in Patrick’s writings – Literature, a reflex of God’s creative action — Patrick’s use of Sacred Scripture – Contemporary literary influences – The authenticity of Patrick’s writings.
[B. The Historical St. Patrick] Patrick, son of Calpornius – The Romano-British citizen – Evangelisation in the Roman Empire – The fall of Rome, AD 410 – The Christian response – When did Patrick’s ‘pilgrimage’ begin? – Where were the six years of his captivity spent – Where was Patrick taken captive — Patrick’s family — Patrick’s education — Patrick’s knowledge of the Sacred Scripture.
[C. In the Land of Patrick’s Captivity] The Irish political system in Patrick’s time – Irish language, culture and beliefs – Dangerous enemies of the Empire – The Irish believing in Christ.
[Chapter One] To know you, the only true God : Confessio, parts I & V.
[Chapter Two] Patrick’s testimony of his sacred calling : Confessio, part II.
[Chapter Three] Patrick’s testimony of his mission to the Irish : Confessio, part IV.
[Chapter Four] Patrick’s testimony of his rejection and betrayal : Confessio, part III.
[Chapter Five] St. Patrick’s Epistola excommunicating Coroticus.
[Conclusion] Patrick the pilgrim – Mary, the Mother of God, Muire Máthair Dé – The Samaritan Woman – The arena of Patrick’s pilgrimage – Patrick’s twelve perils – Spiral movement of the Confessio – Archetypal imagery in the Confessio – Patrick, the good shepherd – Imagery from domestic life in the Confessio – Antithetical themes in the Confessio – The matrix of our Irish Christian heritage – The precious life-blood of a master-spirit — Patrick, the pilgrim apostle of Ireland.
[The text of St. Patrick’s writings] The plan of the Confessio – Latin text of Confessio – with English version – Biblical references in the Confessio –Plan of Epistola to Coroticus – Latin text of Epistola – with English version – Biblical references in the Epistola – Biblical abbreviations – Bibliographical abbreviations – Appendix: Biblical references to dreams – Select bibliography – Index of names and places.

WW Connection #1: The author is a Presentation Sister (Sister Declan), who taught for several years in Baltinglass Post-Primary School.

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #3: Read the introductory chapters of this book via the Publisher’s website:  http://www.veritasbooksonline.com/

Extra #4: Read St. Patrick’s own words via the website: http://www.confessio.ie/#


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