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19th-Century Catholic Ancestors from Dunlavin Parish





Full title: Dunlavin, Archdiocese of Dublin, County of Wicklow

Creator / Author: The National Library of Ireland

Item Type: Website / Publicly Accessible

Homepage URL: http://registers.nli.ie/

When Viewed: Contents described are those showing when viewed in December 2015.

Publisher / Place of Publication: National Library of Ireland / Kildare Street, Dublin 8.

About: The National Library of Ireland holds microfilm copies of over 3500 church registers from parishes in Ireland. The library has now digitised these registers as images which provide records of baptisms and marriages from the majority of Catholic parishes in Ireland and Northern Ireland up to around 1880. The available registers are not searchable by individual’s names. Instead, they are browseable by diocese, parish and date, searchable by parish and it is possible to zoom from a country map to parish level. This blog entry relates to the parish of Dunlavin in West Wicklow.

Contents:  These registers cover baptisms and marriages from 1839 to 1881. This date range is indicative only and coverage may be incomplete. Please refer to the NLI site for specific coverage.

Extra #1: Browse the Catholic Parish Registers for Dunlavin Parish

Hat-Tip: To The National Library of Ireland who have arranged for the digitisation of these records and their free accessibility online.

Guilty, Presumed?

Book Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: Larry Murphy [Book Chapter]

Creator / Author: Alan Bailey

Item Type / Page count: Book Chapter / 32p

When Published: 2014

Publisher / Place of Publication: Liberties Press / 140 Terenure Road North, Dublin 6W.

Parent Publication [book]: Missing, Presumed / by Alan Bailey / 296pp

About: Larry Murphy was jailed for a brutal rape and assault which took place in the Kildare / West Wicklow area in February 2000. This book chapter provides details of the crime and also looks at Larry Murphy’s time in prison and at his psychological profile. This psychological profile would appear to make him a suspect in at least some of the cases of fifteen women who disappeared over a time span of twenty years. The author is a former detective and a trained CSI examiner, with a diploma in Criminology.

ID number(s): 9781909718852

WW Connection #1: Larry Murphy was born in Stratford-on-Slaney and lived in Baltinglass in West Wicklow.

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #3: Link to the Publisher’s website.

Getting to Know the Neighbours

Book Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: The Little Book of Kildare

Creator / Author: Chris Lawlor

Item Type / Page count: Book / 143pp

When Published: 2015

Publisher / Place of Publication: The History Press Ireland / 50 City Quay, Dublin 2

About: This book is a miscellany of short pieces on aspects of Kildare’s history, social life, personalities, and culture. It is a gentle introduction to the county that is the equine centre of Ireland and it follows on from the author’s similar book on Wicklow.

ID number(s): 9781845888626 / 9780750963817

Contents: Introduction — Monastic Kildare — Kildare’s Great Houses — Kildare Rebels — Success and Failure: Industrial Kildare – Kildare’s Literary Ladies – A County in Chaos: Kildare in 1798 – Kildare’s Earls: a Noble Tradition – Troubled Times: Kildare 1914-24 – Breeders and Bloodstock: Kildare and Horses — Kildare’s Historic Towns.

WW Connection #1: The author is a native of Dunlavin, West Wicklow.

Extra #1: Includes several illustrations.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Link to the Publisher’s website.

Extra #5: Link to the author’s blog.

Tune in to a Tinahely Poet

Book Cover image

© The Author

Full title: Tuning In [Poems]

Creator / Author: Paddy O’Byrne

Item Type / Page count: Book / [unpaged]

When Published: [December 2014]

Publisher / Place of Publication: [The Author] / [Rathangan, Co. Kildare].

About: A collection of short poems, the subject matter of which is rooted in the rural Ireland of the 1960’s but which still resonates in the issues confronting modern Irish society. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to The Friends of St. Brigid’s Hospice and Homecare Services, The Curragh, Co. Kildare. The specialist palliative care service for Kildare and West Wicklow is based in St Brigid’s Hospice.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Introduction — Biography — [The Poems] — Crashing Out  — Autumn — Hands of Clay — Ploughshares — Sixth Class (1972) — Spitting Tealeaves — The High Nelly — The Six O’Clock Bell — Blasket Island — Dammed If I Do, Dammed If I Don’t — Fly Fishing — Melt Down — Rolling Stones — Spring Garden — The Chicken Catcher — Tuning In — No Answer — Notions — Sixpence — Spiderman — Summer Rain — The Buttermilk Plant — Doggerel — Fish Fingers — Just Pickin — Mary Moran — Sea Legs — Seamus Heaney — Croagh Patrick — An Act of Contrition — Count Me Out — Padre Pio! Can I Ask You This. Did You Ever……..Smoke — Shelf Life — Unsaid.

WW Connection #1: The author is originally from Tinahely in south west Wicklow and now lives in Rathangan, Co. Kildare. He has acted as facilitator for several Creative Writing projects in the Kildare area.

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #3: Link to The Friends of St. Brigid’s Hospice and Homecare Services website: http://www.friendsofstbrigidshospice.ie/

Grangecon and the Harringtons

Cover image


Full title: Notes on Grange Con, County Wicklow

Creator / Author: Sir Arthur Vicars

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 4p

Journal Information: Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, Vol. III (Number 6), pp. 382-385

When Published: January 1902

Publisher / Place of Publication: E. Ponsonby, Dublin for County Kildare Archaeological Society / Co. Kildare

About: This short piece looks at the ownership of Grange Con and adjacent areas following the dissolution of Baltinglass Abbey. It covers the period from around 1541 to 1612 and mainly features the family of Sir Henry Harrington.

ID number(s): 0332-0782

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #3: This article includes two illustrations of sculptured stones set into the then existing castle ruins of Grange Con.

Extra #4: The author was an Honorary Secretary to the County Kildare Archaeological Society for around 30 years between 1891-1921. He had family connections with Grangecon and probably lived there at certain times.

Extra #5: Visit the County Kildare Archaeology Society website.

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