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Ogham Stone of Donard [Reblog]

About: This is an entry from the blog of Kildare-based photographer Ed Mooney. It contains four black and white photographs of the Ogham Stone in the village of Donard. The accompanying text explains the background of the stone. Please visit Ed’s original blog to view the complete entry. In addition, some of the comments on Ed’s blog point the reader to additional information on the Ogham Stone.

Ed Mooney Photography


Some of you might remember this from a post I did for the Monochrome Madness Challenge a couple of weeks ago. I was really excited about this stone as it was the first Ogham stone that I have encountered in person. I found it in the small rural village of Donard in Co. Wicklow as I was heading home from my recent explorations at the Monastic City in Glendalough. Donard takes it’s name from Dún Ard – High Fort – the ruins of which are said to still be visible above the town.  Situated on a small public green, to the center of the village. It shares this space with a religious shrine and a nice little park bench, surrounded by well cared for flower beds. I am only starting to study these stones, as I know very little about their history or purpose, so please bear with me. I…

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An Easter Excavation

Cover image


Full title: Report on Excavation Recently Conducted in Killeen Cormac, Co. Kildare

Creator / Author: R. A. S. Macalister and R. Lloyd Praeger

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 15p text + 5p (plan & photographs)

Journal Information: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. 38, (1928-1929), pp. 247-261

When Published: 1929

Publisher / Place of Publication: Royal Irish Academy / Dawson Street, Dublin

About: This is an account of an excavation at the ancient graveyard of Killeen Cormac, near Dunlavin which took place around Easter in 1929. The excavation discounts an earlier theory that the mound-shaped cemetery contained chambers of pre-historic origin. Likewise, no evidence was found for the presence of a church. The authors then concentrated on various pillar-stones, some with Ogham inscriptions and some without as well as slabstones with cross designs.  Detailed descriptions are provided for each of the examples given.

Extra #1: includes plan of the cemetery, illustrations and four pages of photographs.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Read the article online via the JSTOR. [Personal registration / conditions apply]. Alternatively, your local public library may provide free online access to this article.

Archaeological Allsorts

Book cover image

© Government of Ireland

Full title: Archaeological Inventory of County Wicklow

Creator / Author: Compiled by Eoin Grogan and Annaba Kilfeather

Item Type / Page count: Book / 258pp

When Published: 1997

Publisher / Place of Publication: Stationery Office / Dublin.

About: This book is part of a series produced by the Archaeological Survey of Ireland, which aims to list all known archaeological monuments in each county. This Wicklow catalogue alone lists 1200 sites. It would be invidious to pick out just some places of major importance. Suffice to say that no matter what part of West Wicklow you come from, there is sure to be at least one item of archaeological interest listed here.

ID number(s): 0707649439

Chapters: Introduction – Flint Scatters  – Megalithic Tombs – Neolithic Single Burials –Bronze Age Burials — Barrows – Cairns – Ring-cairns – Tumuli — Rock Art – Stone Circles — Standing Stones – Fulachta Fiadh – Miscellaneous Burials – Hillforts – Coastal Promontory Forts – Ringforts – Souterrains – Enclosures – Earthworks – Settlement Sites – Toghers and Roads – Ecclesiastical Sites – Medieval Monastic Sites – Graveyards and Burial Grounds – Children’s Burial Grounds — Ecclesiastical Miscellanea – Bullaun Stones – Ogham Stones – Wayside Cross – Holy Wells – Moated Sites – Rectangular Enclosures – Medieval Earthwork Castles – Anglo-Norman Stone Fortresses – Hall House – Sites of Castles – Tower Houses – Fortified Houses – Historic Towns – Later Houses – Mills and Millstones – Charcoal and Ironworking Sites – Sweathouses – Battlefields – Glossary – Bibliography – Subject and Townland Indexes – Location Maps.

Extra #1: Contains many photographs both colour and black & white.

Extra #2: Contains 23 pages of locations maps.

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #5: Link to the Archaeological Survey Database Online and plot these features on current and historical maps.

Dunlavin Up To 1913

Cover image


Full title: Dunlavin, Tornant and Tober, Co. Wicklow

Creator / Author: Lord Walter Fitzgerald

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 17p

Journal Information: Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, Vol. VII, Number 4, pp. 217-233

When Published: July 1913

Publisher / Place of Publication: E. Ponsonby / 116 Grafton Street, Dublin

About:   Traces the history of the lands of Dunlavin from ancient times, then to its becoming a manor in the possession of the Archbishops of Dublin, on to its ownership by the Bulkeley, later Tynte Family. The article includes information on antiquities in the area.  

Extra #1: includes illustrations, a map, a photograph of the area and family tree of Bulkeley/Tynte.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Visit the County Kildare Archaeology Society website.

Ancient Landscape of Dunlavin / Donard

Cover image


Creator / Author: Patrick T. Walshe

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 29p

Journal Information: Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Seventh Series, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 113-141

When Published: December 1931

Publisher / Place of Publication: R.S.A.I / Merrion Square, Dublin

About: A  substantial article on the archaeological remains to be found in this area of West Wicklow. The author divides the article into headings such as: Some notes on the early history of the district; Ancient battle sites; Tumuli, raths and moats; Dolmens and stone circles; Standing stones, bullaun stones and other antiquities.

ID number(s): 0035-9106

Extra #1: includes photographs.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Read this article online via JSTOR. [Personal registration / conditions apply]. Alternatively, your local public library may provide free online access to this article.

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