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Ancient Landscape of Dunlavin / Donard

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Creator / Author: Patrick T. Walshe

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 29p

Journal Information: Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Seventh Series, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 113-141

When Published: December 1931

Publisher / Place of Publication: R.S.A.I / Merrion Square, Dublin

About: A  substantial article on the archaeological remains to be found in this area of West Wicklow. The author divides the article into headings such as: Some notes on the early history of the district; Ancient battle sites; Tumuli, raths and moats; Dolmens and stone circles; Standing stones, bullaun stones and other antiquities.

ID number(s): 0035-9106

Extra #1: includes photographs.

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The Stones in the Field of the Sun

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Full title: Athgreany Stone Circle: the stones of time
Creator / Author: Helen O’Clery

Item Type / Page count: Book / 203p

When Published: 1990

Publisher / Place of Publication: A. H. Morrison / Box 75, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113-oo75.

About: A well-illustrated book which tries to make sense of the purpose for which Athgreany Stone Circle was created. Drawing on mythology and astronomy, it tries to connect the monument, also known as the Piper’s Stones, with the equinoxes and the major pagan Celtic feasts of Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasa and Samhain. Parallels are drawn with Newgrange and the possibility of Athgreany being a working solar calendar. Even the name Athgreany hints at such, meaning field or place of the sun.

ID number(s): 096267601

Chapters: Acknowledgements — List of illustrations — Themselves — Long shadow — Athgreany stone calendar –Mayday “It’s all there”— Scientific superiority — Possibilities – Conviction — Athgreany New Year  — No problem — It might be  — Irish dilemmas and Maltese analemmas — “You are on to something” – Appendix 1: The Goddess as Macha — Appendix 2: Samhain customs — Appendix 3: Samhain dues — Appendix 4: Samhain terrors — The Goddess as Boand — Bibliography.

Extra #1: Contains illustrations and photographs.

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Extra #4: View the entry for ‘Athgreany’ in the Placenames Database of Ireland.

Visitor’s Guide to Historic Sites

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Full title: A Guide to the Archaeology of County Wicklow

Creator / Author: Eoin Grogan and Tom Hillery

Item Type / Page count: Book / 59p

When Published: 1993

Publisher / Place of Publication: Wicklow County Tourism / County Buildings, Wicklow.

About: Wicklow has a wealth of archaeological sites and ancient monuments. This A4 size publication aims to interest the tourist in this aspect of our heritage. Many West Wicklow sites are included in this excellent and profusely illustrated introduction to the archaeology of Wicklow.

ID number(s): 0951975404

Chapters: The Neolithic: Passage tombs — Late Neolithic burial sites — Wedge tombs — The Early Bronze Age: Ceremonial circles — The Iron Age: hillforts — The Early Medieval Period: Ringforts — Glendalough — Bullauns, graveslabs and ogham stones — Early and later medieval churches — Viking and medieval towns — The Later Medieval Period: Monastic sites — Mottes, moated sites and castles — Anglo-Norman fortifications — Tower houses — Castles — Places of special interest — Archaeological trails — Suggested reading — Glossary — List of sites by townland — List of figures.

Extra #1: Contains plans of all the major sites, drawn by Sarah Cross

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