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A Little Book of Ballyknockan

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Full title: My life as a stonecutter

Creator / Author: Andy Farrington [with contributions from Katie Byrne, John McEvoy, Jim Behan and Michael Freeman]

Item Type / Page count: Book / 68p

When Published: ca2016

Publisher / Place of Publication: [The Author] / Ballyknockan, Co. Wicklow

About: More than half of this nice little book is taken up with Andy Farrington’s account of a life spent as a stonecutter in Ballyknockan. The remainder of the book includes contributions from neighbours on the same topic and also looks at other aspects of Ballyknockan history.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Introduction – Growing up in Ballyknockan – My life as a stonecutter – The contributions of the quarry men to the Church — The Ballyknockan Brass & Reed Band — The next generation / John McEvoy — Giant granite stone 1890 — Neddy Cullen – Working in Osborne and Brady quarry / Jim Behan – Michael Freeman’s account of his life as a stonecutter / Michael Freeman — Turf cutting — Conclusion.

Extra #1: Includes thirty-seven photographs.

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Extra #4: View the entry for ‘Ballyknockan’ in the Placenames Database of Ireland.



Kennys, Kennystown and Kilcavan

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Full title: Nineteenth century Kilcavan, Co. Wicklow

Creator / Author: Joseph A. Kenny

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 8p

Journal Information: Journal of the Genealogical Society of Ireland, Volume 13, pp74-81

When Published: 2012

Publisher / Place of Publication: Genealogical Society of Ireland / Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

About: The author, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, gives us here a brief history of Kilcavan. This is followed by the names of local people who, in 1827, had a Kenny connection. The final four pages of the article provide a list of the children who were baptised, (together with parents’ names) in the area during the period 1832-55.

ID number(s):1393-936X

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Extra #4: Link to the website of the Genealogical Society of Ireland

Extra #5: A version of this article is available online at: http://kennytree.com/Irish/Kilcavan%2019th%20century.htm

Tithes Payable by Tober Folk from 1825




Full title: Townlands in Tober (Wicklow)

Creator / Author: Genealogical Society of Utah in partnership with The National Archives of Ireland

Item Type: Website / Publicly Accessible

Homepage URL: http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie/search/tab/home.jsp

When Viewed: Contents described are those showing when viewed in May 2015.

Publisher / Place of Publication: National Archives of Ireland / Bishop Street, Dublin 8.

About: Tithe Applotment Books were compiled between 1823 and 1837 in an attempt to determine how much the holders of agricultural land over 1 acre should pay in taxes or tithes to the established Church of Ireland. These books list the name of the head of each relevant household outside of urban areas. A Tithe Applotment book was compiled for each Church of Ireland parish. Some of the transcribed names of people and places are not 100% accurate, but the original entries may be viewed for clarification.

Contents:  Friarhill – Manofwar – Monavogue — Quarries — Sandyhills – Tober.

Extra #1: Browse the Tithe Applotment Book(s) for Tober Parish

Hat-Tip: To the Genealogical Society of Utah and The National Archives of Ireland who have arranged for the digitisation of these records and their free accessibility online.

Blessington Stones in Dublin

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Full title: Granite as a building material in Dublin in the early eighteenth century

Creator / Author: John Hussey

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 3p

Journal Information: History Ireland, Vol. 22, No. 6, pp. 18-20

When Published: November / December 2014

Publisher / Place of Publication: Wordwell Ltd. / Unit 9, 78 Furze Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18.

About: In this three-page article the author investigates when granite was first used as a building material in Dublin. He also traces the origin of this granite to the Woodend and Threecastles quarries in the Blessington area. Indeed the granite came to be referred to as ‘Blessington Stones’ in transactions of the time.

ID number(s): 0791-8224

Extra #1: includes photographs, an illustration and map.

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Extra #5: Visit the magazine website at: http://www.historyireland.com/

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