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The Monk’s Farm in Carlow

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© The Publisher

Full title: Grange, Co. Carlow: the Path to the Present

Creator / Author: Jimmy O’Toole

Item Type / Page count: Book / 174p

When Published: 1987

Publisher / Place of Publication: Grange G.A.A. Club / Grange, Co. Carlow

About: A history of a community in County Carlow which is illustrated from contemporary sources with additional photographs. The book originally started out as a history of Grange G.A.A. Club in the centenary year of the Association but came to encompass the history of the catchment area from which the club took its membership.

ID number(s): 0951233602  /9780951233603

Contents: To the reader — Foreword — Prehistoric sites — Monasteries and Churches: The Cistercian Lay Brothers of Grangeford, Knights Hospitallers of Killerig, Friarstown Church, Grange Church, Straboe, Killerig Church — Ballygorey — The Landed Gentry: Duckett’s Grove — The 1798 Rebellion — Education — The Famine Period — Changes in Land Occupation — Parnell in Grangeford — War of Independence and Civil War — Old Ways Remembered — Family Profiles: The Reids of Grange, Sir John Thorp, Col. Joseph Kennedy, Professor Charles McNally J.P., Hugh Canavan – inventor, Matt McCormack  — National Political Figures — Grange Missionaries Worldwide — Grange G.A.A. Club — Obituaries — Place Names — Bibliography — The Blooming Flower of Grange (ballad) — Map.

WW Connection #1: The area covered by this book was part of the land possessions of Baltinglass Abbey and the placename of Grange derived from its use as an outfarm of the Abbey.

Extra #1: includes numerous photographs, illustrations and a map.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

King Cormac’s Little Cemetery

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Full title: Killeen Cormac

Creator / Author: Lord Walter Fitzgerald

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 16p

Journal Information: Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, Vol. III, Number 3, pp. 148-163

When Published: July 1900

Publisher / Place of Publication: E. Ponsonby / 116 Grafton Street, Dublin

About: A detailed account of the ancient graveyard of Killeen Cormac near Dunlavin and the various inscribed stones found there. Some of these stones are inscribed in Ogham. Cormac, from whom the place is named, is said to have been a Munster King. This paper was read at a meeting of the County Kildare Archaeological Society in September 1897.

Extra #1: includes illustrations, a map of the area and a plan of the graveyard.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Visit the County Kildare Archaeology Society website.

Palaver Over a Post Office

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© The Publisher

Full title: The Battle of Baltinglass

Creator / Author: Laurence Earl

Item Type / Page count: Book / 191p / 241p

When Published: 1952 / 1953

Co-Publisher / Place of Publication: George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. / 182 High Holborn, London WC1.

Co-Publisher / Place of Publication: Alfred A. Knopf / New York, USA

About: The Baltinglass Post Office had for many years been run by the Cooke family. Due to the ill-health of the officially designated Postmistress, the actual running of the Post Office was done by her niece. When the Postmistress resigned in 1950, it was presumed that the niece, Helen Cooke, would be officially appointed. This did not happen but the need to relocate the telephone cables to the premises of the new appointee allowed supporters of Helen Cooke to sabotage the changeover. The affair became international news amid accusations of political interference in the new appointment.

ID number(s): None

Contents: The Assault – The Dogfight – The Pursuit.

Extra #1: The UK edition includes several photographs.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Read the USA edition online courtesy of the Hathi Trust Digital Library (viewed Feb. 2013).

Extra #5: This book won the Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour in 1953.

Third Collection of Articles on West Wicklow History

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Full title: Journal of the West Wicklow Historical Society: Number 3, 1989

Creator / Author: West Wicklow Historical Society & contributors.

Item Type / Page count: Journal (Complete issue) / 96p

When Published: 1989

Publisher / Place of Publication: West Wicklow Historical Society / Baltinglass (?), Co. Wicklow.

About: The third publication of a set of articles on aspects of West Wicklow history. This issue covers some of the main locations within the boundaries but also widens the area of interest to include Ballymore-Eustace and Rathvilly.

ID number(s): 0790-1739

Contents: West Wicklow Historical Society 1989 Officers — Editorial / Joseph Rattigan — The Society’s Report / Maeve Baker — Appreciation: Paddy Byrne — William Gabriel Lyons — Tommy Bourne — Extracts from a Diary of 1869: a Wicklow Man Returns for a Bride / Richard Douglas — A Description of Dunlavin from Slater’s Directory, 1881 / John Lynott — Wicklow Biographies: No.8: Fiach Mac Hugh Ó Byrne / Cora Crampton — Wicklow Biographies No.9: James Eustace , 3rd Viscount Baltinglass / Cora Crampton[?] — The Famine in Wicklow, 1846-1847: Extracts from British Parliamentary Papers in the National Library of Ireland / Compiled by Maeve Baker — Irish-French Quaker Connections / Margaret P. O’Hare — Marriage in Ireland Before the Famine: Case Study of Rathvilly Parish / Susan E. Hood — Baltinglass of Yesteryear [poem] / Ben Dwyer — Tinahely Over the Centuries / Reverend Canon Henry Vaux Boake — The Hollywood Highwayman / Dorothy Leonard — Bacon Curing in Baltinglass in the Early Part of the Century / Maureen D’arcy — Ballymore Eustace : Odds and Ends of its History / Michael Dore — Grangecon : a Place Remembered / Lil Moore — Book Reviews / Joseph Rattigan — Index to the Coolattin Estate Emigration Records, 1847-58, Part 3 / Paul Gorry — List of Members.

Extra #1: Contains black & white photographs, illustrations and maps.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

1970’s Ireland and How We Got There!

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© The Publisher

Full title: In guilt and in glory [a novel]

Creator / Author: David Hanly

Item Type / Page count: Book / 299p

When Published: 1979 (this edition published in 1988)

Publisher / Place of Publication: Poolbeg Press / Swords, Co. Dublin.

About: An American TV crew are travelling around Ireland in an attempt to capture the spirit of the country. They are shepherded around by four Irish locals. Within this scenario, the author tries to distill the contradictions of Irish history and the dilemmas of 1970’s Ireland through the various characters and situations that the group encounters.

ID number(s): 1853710180 / 9781853710186

WW Connection #1: The author, who for many years was the anchor of the  Morning Ireland programme on RTÉ Radio 1, was a resident in Tinahely in West Wicklow.

Extra #1: Opening line: ”Stephen Crossan, on the morning of his thirtieth birthday, awoke staring straight out front, his eyes unnaturally bright, his mind clear.”

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Marsh’s Library of Stories from the Wicklow Uplands

Book Cover image

© Richard Marsh

Full title: Tales of the Wicklow hills : 2000 years of history, myth, legend and local stories

Creator / Author: Richard Marsh

Item Type / Page count: Book / 95p

When Published: 2007

Publisher / Place of Publication: Richard Marsh / 15 Fontenoy Street, Dublin 7.

About: A compendium of folklore, myths,  legends, ballads, stories and history that encompasses the Wicklow Hills in their widest sense. The length of individual entries ranges from single paragraphs to several pages.

ID number(s): 9780955756801 / 0955756804

Contents: Foreword by Dáithí Ó hÓgain — Preface — The Naming of Baltinglass — The Melodies of Buchet’s House — [Section on] Saint Kevin and Glendalough — Glendalough — Kevin and the Thief, the Bird, the Cow, the Water Monster — Kevin Goes to Hollywood — Kevin and King O’Toole — King O’Toole and St. Kevin [ballad] (from the legend of Samuel Lover) by J. Kearney — Kevin and Fáelán — Kevin and Cathleen — The Fate of Cathleen — By that lake, Whose Gloomy Shore [ballad] — St. Kevin: a Legend of Glendalough [poem] by Samuel Lover — Fingal Rónáin (the kin slaying of Rónán) — Feagh McHugh O’Byrne — The O’Byrnes — The Battle of Glenmalure, 25 August 1580 — Red Hugh O’Donnell’s escape — The end of Feagh — Michael Dwyer — The Hanging of John Moore — Hempenstall, “The Walking Gallows” — [Section on]The Vale of Avoca — Thomas Moore and the Meeting of the Waters — The Meeting of the Waters [ballad] by Thomas Moore — Bob Pyne — The Avoca “Non-leprechaun” — The Tigroney Ghost — The Cherrymount Fairy — The Avoca Púca — “Me and Thee” — The Mottee Stone — The Fairy Tree — The Violation of a Fairy Fort — The Moving Statue — The Big Snow — Toss Byrne’s Stroke — Jimmy Treacy (1920-2006) — [Section on] Miscellaneous Tales — A Redcross Púca — Poulaphuca — The Ball Moat — “Ned Sheehy of Dromin” — A Mysterious Incident in Rathdangan — The Gates of Heaven, Kilranelagh Cemetary — Saint Bridget’s Head Stone — Baltinglass Bell Tower — Shawn Reilly — The Athgreany Stone Circle — “The Night We Riz the Tan” — A Bray Ghost  — Saint Patrick in Wicklow — A Rathnew Stroke — The Glenmalure Man — Notes on the stories — Sources: Published and Oral.

Extra #1: Includes photographs, a map and illustrations.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Visit the author’s website

Families of the Glen

Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: The Glen of Imaal.

Creator / Author: Tom O’Keeffe

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 6p

Journal Information: Wicklow Roots: Wicklow County Genealogical Society Journal, No. 3

When Published: 1998

Publisher / Place of Publication: Wicklow County Genealogical Society / 1 Summerhill, Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow.

About: A short article profiling the nature of the families who populated the Glen of Imaal area up to 1911. It includes information on families who were forced to vacate the area to accommodate the military requirement for an artillery range.

ID number(s): 1393-3248

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Two Centuries of Stratford on Slaney History

Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: A Guide to Stratford on Slaney History and Folklore 1780-1974 : a Backward Glance of 200 Years

Creator / Author: Stratford on Slaney I.C.A. Guild, edited by Tommy Bourne

Item Type / Page count: Booklet / 16p

When Published: 1974

Publisher / Place of Publication: Tommy Bourne / Stratford on Slaney, Co. Wicklow.

About: This booklet was conceived as an entry in a history and folklore competition in 1974. It went on to win a National Arts Award. It calls on the memories of various families to build up a guide to what the area was like from the mid 1700’s to the 1970’s.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Introduction — History and folklore — Flora and fauna — Place names — Family names — Peculiar features.

Extra #1: Includes sketch map and photographs.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

STOP PRESS: This booklet was reprinted in 2019 and is currently for sale in shops in Stratford and Baltinglass. Please check locally,

Flowing Through

Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: The Slaney.

Creator / Author: Christopher Moriarty

Item Type / Page count: Magazine Article / 3p

Journal Information: The Sacred Heart Messenger

When Published: November 2001

Publisher / Place of Publication: Messenger Publications / 37 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.

About: A short article tracing the river from its source in West Wicklow to the sea at Wexford. This article was number 9 in a series on Rivers of Ireland that the author wrote for this magazine.

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

The Centenary Finals

Cover image

© Wicklow GAA

Full title: Cluichí Ceannais Peile an Chéid i bPairc an gConndae Eachdruim 16ú Mean Fomháir 1984

Creator / Author: Coiste Condae Chill Mhantáin

Item Type / Page count: Booklet / 33p

When Published: 1984

Publisher / Place of Publication: Coiste Condae Chill Mhantáin / Aughrim(?), Co. Wicklow,

About: The official programme for the Wicklow County Football finals that were held in 1984, the centenary year of the foundation of the Gaelic Athletic Association. It contains much material of West Wicklow GAA interest.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Focal ón gCathaoirleach — County Final of ’54 — Vallymount Players 1984 — Moments of History — Gaelic Happenings Thirty Years Ago — The day Wicklow beat the ‘Pride of the West’ — Matt Byrne : Father of the Gaels — Club Secretaries 1886-1887 — Challenge for the Future / A. O’Broin — Tinahely Players 1984 — Centenary Championship Score-Board — Móin an Bhealaigh Highlights — The Long White Road (poem) — Three Men and a Century of Service (Charles S. Parnell, Luke O’Toole, Hugh Byrne) — Co. Football Championship Final 50 Years Ago.   

WW Connection #1: The Senior Football final featured two West Wicklow teams, Tinahely and Valleymount.   

WW Connection #2: The Intermediate Football final featured Lacken.

WW Connection #3: The foreword to the programme was written by Peter Keogh, the Kiltegan native who was the Chairman of the Wicklow GAA County Board.

WW Connection #4: Includes an article (with photo) about Matt Byrne from Baltinglass who was a stalwart of the early GAA movement and became Chairman of the Handball Association of Ireland.    

WW Connection #5: Includes an article by A. O’Broin (Hugh Byrne), the Rathdangan native who was a former President of the GAA.  

Extra #1: includes many photographs of GAA interest.

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