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Gathering at the Fair

Book cover image

© The Publishers

Full title: Hollywood Fair: 14th-18th August 2013

Creator / Author: Hollywood Fair Committee

Item Type / Page count: Book / 128p

When Published: 2013

Publisher / Place of Publication: Hollywood Fair Committee / Hollywood Co. Wicklow.

About: The Hollywood Fair of 2013 used ’The Gathering Ireland 2013′ nationwide event as its focus. This book was published as a programme and souvenir of the event and features several articles by and about Hollywood people who now live away and even further away from the locality. Everywhere you go, you take your local history with you, everywhere you go……

ID number(s): None

Chapters: The Hollywood Fair 2013 – the Year of The Gathering — Timetable of events — Mathew Guirke (1826-1901) – Hollywood to Los Angeles / Brendan Corrigan – Tony Hannon: a Hollywood star / Johnny Glennon — Paddy Clarke: a Hollywood man in New York / Paddy Clarke — Growing up on the corner / Vincent Deering — Brigid Glennon: a Hollywood woman in Brussels / Brigid Glennon — Mary Watkins (née Kelly): a Hollywood woman in London / Mary Watkins — It’s a long, long way from Clare to here / Fr. John Dunphy — Larry and Trish Roddy  / Eoin Roddy — Mrs. Kathleen Healy (née Nugent), Slievecorragh / Johnny Glennon — Hollywood ‘Pride of Place’ / CJ Darby, Ann Cullen, Richard Burke and Ann Halpin — Mrs. Teresa Byrne (née Smith), Humphreystown / Johnny Glennon — Hollywood Football Team 1936 [photograph & captions] — Pat O’Neill and Mary Ryall wedding party, 13th June 1973.

Extra #1: Contains many photographs as well as several advertisements from local businesses and sponsors.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check out the Hollywood Fair website.

Households in Crehelp Parish in middle of 19th century

Book cover image

Full title: Parish of Crehelp

Creator / Author: Richard Griffith

Item Type / Page count: Book Chapter / eDoc / 3p

When Published: 1854

Publisher / Place of Publication: Alexander Thom and Sons for Her Majesty’s Stationary Office / 87 Abbey Street, Dublin.

Parent Publication [book]: County of Wicklow: valuation of the several tenements comprising that portion of the Union of Baltinglass situate in the county above named / Richard Griffith, General Valuation Office / 106pp

About: The property tax system of 1850’s Ireland. It was the first major attempt at valuing property. This section lists householders in the Parish of Crehelp, part of the area covered by the Poor Law Union of Baltinglass in West Wicklow.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Crehelp — Kinsellastown — Lemonstown.

Extra #1: Read the entries for  GV Crehelp Parish (pdf file).

Extra #2: Search Griffiths Valuation and link to contemporary maps at AskAboutIreland.ie

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide

The Book of Blessington

Book Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: The Blessington Estate, 1667-1908

Creator / Author: Kathy Trant

Item Type / Page count: Book / 239p

When Published: 2004

Publisher / Place of Publication: Anvil Books / 45 Palmerston Road, Dublin 6.

About: The definitive history of the Blessington area from the mid-17th century to the beginning of the twentieth. It combines the story of the Boyle and Hill families of nobility with the eternal tension of the landlord and tenant relationship.  The author has researched the subject extensively and the highest levels of scholarship are evident. However, the book is very accessible and a recommended read for local historians.

ID number(s): 1901737519 / 9781901737516

Chapters: Foreword — The Struggle for Land — The Boyle Dynasty — The Downshire Connection — The Rebellion of 1798 — Bad Debts and Good Neighbours — Land Tenure and Agents — The Tenants — Rents and Arrears — The Landlord’s Role — The Famine Years — The Social Round — The Final Chapter — Epilogue — Appendix: List of tenants on the Blessington Estate, 1850 — Acknowledgements — Abbreviations — Notes and Sources — Notes on Illustrations — Bibliography.

Extra #1: includes 98 illustrations and images.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Read a review of this book online via JSTOR. [Personal registration / conditions apply]. Alternatively, your local public library may provide free online access to this review.

Extra #5: For information, a review of this book was also published in the Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, Volume 19 (3), 2004-5 pp568-570.

Mapping Our Mountains (1)

Cover image

© EastWest Mapping

Full title: Wicklow Mountains West: 1:30,000 Detailed Map

Creator / Author: EastWest Mapping & Barry & Clive Dalby (Survey Team).

Item Type / Page count: Map / 1 page folded down to 12 x 23cm

When Published: 2010

Publisher / Place of Publication: EastWest Mapping / Clonegal, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford.

About: This map takes in a major portion of the mountains located in the western half of the county. It has been compiled using satellite imagery combined with foot slogging, cycling and driving through the area. It includes many old placenames and historical sites and provides an excellent panorama both for the rambler and armchair historian. Lugnaquilla is not covered by this particular map, but is available as a separate publication.

ID number(s): 9781899815285

Extra #1: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #2: Link to the Publisher’s website

A Fourth Valleymount Compendium

© The Publisher

© The Publisher

Full title: Valleymount. Facets of our Local History (Part IV: the unpublished volume, added May 2013 by John Hussey)

Creator / Author: John Hussey & contributors.

Item Type / Page count: Journal (Complete issue) / eBook / 39p

When Published: [Posted online] May 2013

Publisher / Place of Publication: [Parish of Valleymount / Valleymount, Co. Wicklow].

About: This is the last of four collections (so far) of local history material which was first published separately in various issues of the Valleymount Parish News. This last issue was never made available as such. Rather, John Hussey has gathered together various pieces that were mostly not already included in the first three volumes to make up a virtual fourth volume of material. The major article here recounts an altar boy’s memories of local parish priest, Fr. John Moynihan.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Teacher’s Residence, Lacken / Fr. Richard Cantwell – Death of Fr. Heffernan P.P [taken from Leinster Leader] – Ballyknockan National Brass and Reed Band [taken from Leinster Leader] – “Dip me Flute” / Mattie Lennon – Valleymount I.C.A. / Tess Curran – The Coal Pit / Mattie Lennon – Bishop Boden’s Well Lacken, Sunday November 5th 1978 / Fr. Richard Cantwell  – School in Lacken in the nineteen hundreds / Mattie Lennon — Parish Properties – Community Centre / Fr. Richard Cantwell — Renovation of the old Parochial House / Fr. Richard Cantwell — The Irish Journals of Elizabeth Smith, 1840-1850, edited for us by Mattie Lennon – Rerum Novarum: Memories of Fr. John Moynihan / Michael O’Brien (a Valleymount altar boy of many years ago) — A few historical notes from 150 years ago / Fr. Richard Cantwell – Matt Reid / Fr. Richard Cantwell – The Punchestown Races (in memory of Pa O’Brien) / Michael O’Brien – A few little details of Boystown gleaned from the census of 1841 / Fr. Richard Cantwell – Old names of fields in our parish / Fr. Richard Cantwell — Stone trough in Baltyboys cemetery / Fr. Richard Cantwell – Baltyboys House — Irish Folklore Commission – Local Weather Observations / Maggie Broe.

Extra #1: Link to the full text of this magazine via this page at blessington.jimdo.com.

Extra #2: Hat tip to John Hussey who maintains the Blessington.jimdo.com website for posting the text of this magazine online

Walls of Troy in South West Wicklow

Cover image


Full title: A Former Sod or Turf Maze at Ballynavortha, Co. Wicklow

Creator / Author: Conleth Manning

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 3pp

Journal Information: Journal of The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Volume 134, pp. 166-168

When Published: 2004

Publisher / Place of Publication: R.S.A.I / Merrion Square, Dublin

About: A short article describing a maze constructed on farmland in the townland of Ballynavortha. The maze was made of sod or turf and was know locally as the ‘Walls of Troy’. Other similar constructions in Northern Ireland and in England are known by the same name. Unfortunately, the site was levelled many years ago so this rare Irish example is gone.

ID number(s): 0035-9106

Extra #1: Includes a sketch of the site made in late 1950’s by Paddy Healy.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Read this article online via JSTOR. [Personal registration / conditions apply]. Alternatively, your local public library may provide free online access to this article.

Extra #5 View the entry for ‘Ballynavortha’ in the Placenames Database of Ireland.

Tithes Payable by Aghowle Folk from 1825

Full title: Townlands in Aghowle (Wicklow)

Creator / Author: Genealogical Society of Utah in partnership with The National Archives of Ireland

Item Type: Website / Publicly Accessible

Homepage  URL: http://titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie/search/tab/home.jsp

When Viewed: Contents described are those showing when viewed in November 2013.

Publisher / Place of Publication: National Archives of Ireland / Bishop Street, Dublin 8.

About: Tithe Applotment Books were compiled between 1823 and 1837 in an attempt to determine how much the holders of agricultural land over 1 acre should pay in taxes or tithes to the established Church of Ireland. These books list the name of the head of each relevant household outside of urban areas. A Tithe Applotment book was compiled for each Church of Ireland parish. Some of the transcribed names of people and places are not 100% accurate, but the original entries may be viewed for clarification.

Contents: Aghowle — Ballard — Barnacashel — Boley — Coolkenna — Crone — Killabeg — Killinure — Lower Money — Lumcloon — Minmore — Mungacullin — Quigginroe — Raheenakit — Upper Money

Extra #1: Browse the Tithe Applotment Book(s) for Aghowle Parish.

Hat-Tip: To the Genealogical Society of Utah and The National Archives of Ireland who have arranged for the digitisation of these records and their free accessibility online.

Three Parishes History

Book Cover image

© The Author

Full title: The story of Baltinglass: a history of the parishes of Baltinglass, Ballynure and Rathbran in County Wicklow

Creator / Author: Claude Chavasse

Item Type / Page count: Book / 75pp

When Published: 1970

Publisher / Place of Publication: [The Author] / [Briska, Lemybrien, Co. Waterford].

About: In the course of writing a short guide for tourists visiting Baltinglass Abbey, the local rector, Canon Claude Chavasse, found there was so much material that a local history book could be written. This he did shortly after moving to County Waterford. The book is an excellent introduction to the history of the areas that comprise the three parishes.

ID number(s): None

Chapters: Preface — Before history – 1. Monuments 2. Legends – The coming of the Monks  – The Abbey buildings – Life in the Abbey –Life outside the Abbey — After the Dissolution – The Stratford Ascendancy – Notes on the O’Neills of Mount Neill — Baltinglass in the 19th and 20th Centuries – [Appendices]  A. Glossary — B. Abbots of Baltinglass – C. Rectors etc of Baltinglass — D. Parish Priests of Baltinglass and Ballynure – E. Curates (R.C.) of Baltinglass and Ballynure – F. Rectors of Ballynure – G. Perpetual curates and Incumbents of Rathbran – H. Patent of Sir Charles Willmott, 1618.

Extra #1: Contains map, plan and ten photographs.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

WWHS Goes Social


© Facebook Inc.

Full title: West Wicklow Historical Society is on Facebook.

Creator / Author: West Wicklow Historical Society.

Item Type: Website, publicly accessible after registration

When Published: Page inaugurated on 14th November 2013.

Publisher / Place of Publication: WWHS via Facebook website / Online

About: The West Wicklow Historical Society announced that it had joined Facebook on November 14th, 2013. Expect the posting of items of interest, news, events and informed comment.

Extra #1 Access the WWHS Facebook page. [Personal registration required].

An Easter Excavation

Cover image


Full title: Report on Excavation Recently Conducted in Killeen Cormac, Co. Kildare

Creator / Author: R. A. S. Macalister and R. Lloyd Praeger

Item Type / Page count: Journal Article / 15p text + 5p (plan & photographs)

Journal Information: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Vol. 38, (1928-1929), pp. 247-261

When Published: 1929

Publisher / Place of Publication: Royal Irish Academy / Dawson Street, Dublin

About: This is an account of an excavation at the ancient graveyard of Killeen Cormac, near Dunlavin which took place around Easter in 1929. The excavation discounts an earlier theory that the mound-shaped cemetery contained chambers of pre-historic origin. Likewise, no evidence was found for the presence of a church. The authors then concentrated on various pillar-stones, some with Ogham inscriptions and some without as well as slabstones with cross designs.  Detailed descriptions are provided for each of the examples given.

Extra #1: includes plan of the cemetery, illustrations and four pages of photographs.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Read the article online via the JSTOR. [Personal registration / conditions apply]. Alternatively, your local public library may provide free online access to this article.

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