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Crannogs and Their Uses up to 1650

© The Publisher

Full title: Crannogs in Late Medieval Gaelic Ireland, c.1350-c.1650

Creator / Author: Aidan O’Sullivan

Item Type / Page count: Book Chapter / 21p

When Published: 2001 (hardback); 2004 (paperback)

Publisher / Place of Publication: Four Courts Press Ltd. / 7 Malpas Street, Dublin 8

Parent Publication [book]: Gaelic Ireland c.1250-c.1650: land, lordship and settlement / edited by Patrick J. Duffy, David Edwards and Elizabeth FitzPatrick / 454pp

About: Crannogs were artificial islands built in lakes or swamps. In this chapter (pp397-417), the author argues that up to now attention has been paid only to their early origin and use. He discusses the range of materials and artifacts found in crannogs and makes use of historical evidence to suggest that they continued to have various functions right up the middle of the seventeenth century.

ID number(s): 1851828001 / 1851828664

Contents: Origins, construction and occupation – Late medieval re-occupation – Crannogs as Gaelic settlements in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries – Crannogs as Gaelic settlements in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries: the end of the tradition – Crannogs as refuges for the Gaelic Irish in the seventeenth century: the final years – Conclusion.

WW Connection #1: Author Aidan O’Sullivan is a native of Valleymount in West Wicklow.

Extra #1: includes maps, a photograph and other illustrations.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

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Extra #4: Link to the author’s online presence on Academia.edu

Inspired by Saint Brigid

© The Author

Full title: Prayers from Manor Kilbride: Volume I

Creator / Author: Anna Nagle

Item Type / Page count: Booklet / 42pp.

When Published: [ca. 2013]

Publisher / Place of Publication: [The Author] / [Manor Kilbride, Co. Wicklow].

About: A collection of 20 self-composed prayers each no longer than a single page. The prayer titles give an indication of their content. Each prayer is interspersed with a colour photograph taken by the author of scenes and subjects relating to Manor Kilbride and its environs. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to the new community hall in Kilbride.

ID number(s): None

Contents: Saint Brigid — For the Miracle of Creation — Seefin on the Harvest Moon — Prayer of Protection for my Home and All who Enter Here  — A Prayer for my Brother — Prayer of Gratitude at the End of a Long Sunny Sunday — A Prayer for my Son — A Prayer for Self Acceptance — A Prayer of Thanksgiving for my Pal — Seeing You in Everything — A Prayer for my Grand Dog — Forgiveness — Heaven on Earth — Here Now — In Appreciation of my Self — Blessings on Awakening — On the Arrival of Autumn — A Prayer on Hearing of Friends Passing — In the Silence — A prayer for Patience – Acknowledgements.

WW Connection #1: Apart from the subject matter, the author is an artist, teacher and healer who lives in West Wicklow.

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From the Drawing Board (1) – St. Mary’s Church, Blessington

© RCB LIBRARY – Architectural Drawings





Full title: Blessington Church. Diocese of Dublin

Creator / Author: RCB Library and Joseph Welland

Item Type: Website / Publicly Accessible

Homepage URL: https://archdrawing.ireland.anglican.org/

When Viewed: Contents described are those showing when viewed in November 2019.

Publisher / Place of Publication: Representative Church Body, Church of Ireland House, Church Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6, D06 CF67

About: One of the many resources of the Representative Church Body Library is a collection of 19th and 20th century architectural drawings of Church of Ireland churches and cathedrals. In 2011 the Library secured a grant from the Esme Mitchell Trust to conduct a pilot project to digitize and catalogue these drawings. A subsequent grant from the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has enabled further work to be done. As a result, an important heritage resource is now freely available online. This blog entry relates to architectural drawings of St. Mary’s Church, Blessington from around 1850.

Contents:  Blessington Church. Diocese of Dublin — Longitudinal Section. Transverse Section — Half External and Internal Elevation of Circular Lights in North and South Transepts. Doorway to West Porch. Finial and Flew Blocks — Section of Nave Aisle. External Elevation of North Aisle Window Internal Elevation of Aisle Window &c — Half External and Internal Elevation of Circular Lights in North and South Transepts. Doorway to West Porch. Finial and Flew Blocks — East Elevation. South Flank Elevation — Ground Plan showing proposed additions &c North Elevation.

Extra #1: Browse the RCB Library architectural drawings for Blessington Church

Extra #2: Link to the entry for this church on National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) website

Hat-Tip: To The Representative Church Body Library who have arranged for the digitisation of these drawings and their free accessibility online.

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