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Carmel O’Toole’s Glorious Glenmalure

Book Cover image

© The Author

Full title: Glenmalure: the wild heart of the mountains: a valley and its people

Creator / Author: Carmel O’Toole

Item Type / Page count: Book / 336p

When Published: 2015

Publisher / Place of Publication: [The Author] / Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow

About: A wide-ranging and beautifully produced hardback book which relates the history of Glenmalure and stories of its people. The content of this substantial book is meticulously and widely researched and includes oral testimonies. Every aspect is brought to life with lively text which is interspersed with glorious photographs and illustrations. This book will stand as the definitive history of this lovely valley for years to come.

ID number(s): 9781873489154

Contents: Acknowledgements — Introduction – Glenmalure Timeline – Glenmalure Map – Early Inhabitants & Religious Settlements — Feagh Mac Hugh O’Byrne: Firebrand of the Wicklow Mountains — The Battle of Glenmalure — The Escape of the Ulster Princes (Red Hugh O’Donnell and Art O’Neill) — Feagh Mac Hugh O’Byrne 1580-1597 – The Twelve Graves – Glenmalure 1798-1803 — The Military Road — Glenmalure Lodge – Mining in Glenmanlure — The Last House in the Glen – The Shadow of the Glen: J.M. Synge and Glenmalure – Tragic Accidents in the Mountains near Glenmalure – Forestry Men and Timber Men — Sheep Farming in the Hills: old traditions and new methods — Glenmalure: reflections / Fr. Willie Walshe — Ballinacor Estate – Kirikee School 1881-1969 — GAA in Glenmalure — Glenmalure Today.

Appendix I – Bibliography.

Appendix II – Townlands, Placenames and Local Names of Glenmalure. Glenmalure – Conavalla and local place names in Conavalla — Ballinagoneen and local place names in Ballinagoneen – Cullentragh Park and local place names in Cullentragh Park — Ballinafunshoge and local place names in Ballinafunshoge – Ballyboy and local place names in Ballyboy – Ballybraid and local place names in Ballybraid — Carriglinneen and local place names in Carriglinneen — Kirikee and local place names in Kirikee — Ballinabarney and local place names in Ballinabarney – Ballintombay Lower and local place names in Ballintombay Lower – Camenabologue and local place names in Camenabologue — Barravore and local place names in Barravore – Ballinaskea / Bolenaskea and local place names in Ballinaskea / Bolenaskea — Clonkeen and local place names in Clonkeen — Corrasillagh and local place names in Corrasillagh — Carrawaystick and local place names in Carrawaystick — Clohernagh and local place names in Clohernagh — Drumgoff and local place names in Drumgoff — Fananierin and local place names in Fananierin — Ballinacor and local place names in Ballinacor – Banks on the road.

Appendix III – Poems & Songs of Glenmalure. Glenmalure / Anon. – Glenmalure / Jim Byrne – Feagh McHugh / Thomas D’Arcy McGee – Follow Me Up To Carlow / P.J. McCall – The Battle of Glenmalure / M.J. McCann — The Battle of Glenmalure / Anon. – The Death of Feagh McHugh O’Byrne / MacKeohoe – Gleann Maoliúra / Biddy Jenkinson – At the Mass Rock / Jim Byrne – The Outlaw’s Bridal / Anon. – Michael Dwyer / T.D. Sullivan – Michael Dwyer / Peadar Kearney – The Rebel’s Grave / Jim Byrne – Glenmalure / Dave Curtis – The Lone Hiker / Peter Cunningham-Grattan – Daughters of Wild Glenmalure / Peter Cunningham-Grattan – Croaghanmoira / Jane Clarke – The Curate of Greenane / Peter Cunningham-Grattan – Jim Connolly / Peter Cunningham-Grattan – Old Ballinacor G.A.A. Song / Christy Hughes – Kathleen / Jane Clarke – Lovely Wicklow / W..J. Duffy – Glenmalure / Jim Byrne.

Appendix IV – Leaders in Glenmalure. Michael Dwyer (1772-1825) – John Mernagh (1770-1857) – Patrick Grant (1761-1800) – Hugh Vesty Byrne (1770-1842) – Extract from the Memoirs of Miles Byrne.

Extra #1: Includes numerous photographs, maps and other illustrations.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: View the entry for ‘Glenmalure’ in the Placenames Database of Ireland.

Notes & Queries – Dunlavin Massacre Song

Notes queries

Full title: Dunlavin Green [ballad]

Creator / Author: Anon.

Item Type / Page count: Ballad / 6 verses

When Published: Various dates

Publisher / Place of Publication: Various.

Parent Publications: Appears in various books, magazines, discs.

About: The metrics of the West Wicklow Bookshelf Blog have indicated that someone searched using the terms ‘Dunlavin massacre song’. In response, we have transcribed the lyrics of the ballad ‘Dunlavin Green’ as recorded by Frank Harte and Donal Lunny and made it available to read online. The ballad refers to the execution of 36 people by British Crown Forces on May 26th, 1798.

Extra #1: Read the lyrics of the ballad here.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for the Frank Harte recording on CD.

Extra #3: Various renditions of Dunlavin Green can be heard on YouTube

Extra #4: The full story of the atrocity is recounted in Chris Lawlor’s book ‘The Massacre on Dunlavin Green

Eighth Collection of Articles on West Wicklow History

Cover image


Full title: Journal of the West Wicklow Historical Society: Number 8, 2015

Creator / Author: West Wicklow Historical Society & contributors, joint editors Chris Lawlor, Donal McDonnell

Item Type / Page count: Journal (Complete issue) / 148p

When Published: 2015

Publisher / Place of Publication: West Wicklow Historical Society / Baltinglass (?), Co. Wicklow.

About: This eighth publication of a set of articles on aspects of West Wicklow history is the biggest issue yet. The articles span the centuries from c.1000 BC to modern times and feature locations from Hollywood to New South Wales. The most extensive article in this issue is by James O’Driscoll and concerns itself with the hillforts of the Baltinglass area and the techniques used in their construction.

ID number(s): 0790-1739

Contents: A word from the Chairman / Noel Lyons — Ramblings of the Secretary / Donal McDonnell — Editor’s Preface / Chris Lawlor — Tubber and the Castle Leslie connection: an overview of Tubber House and Demesne c. 1764-1824 / Emma Lyons – Hillfort construction at Baltinglass: building Ireland’s hillfort capital / James O’Driscoll — From crime to wine: The Claytons of New South Wales / Margaret Smith — Robert Pipho and the Baltinglass Rebellion / Brendan Corrigan — ‘Yes, this is Wicklow’: recovering George Francis Savage-Armstrong as a poet of Wicklow / Rosemary Raughter – Not so doddery: the Dunlavin solicitor, Mr. Dodd / Declan O’Connor — A Black and Tan executed / D.J. Kelly — A famous row between two publicans in 1886 / John Glennon — Rathdangan and Killamoate: my native area / Peadar C. Ó Cuilinn — In the shadow of Joseph Holt / Henry Austin — Death on a country road / James Scannell — Poor men and poor women / Joe McArdle – Two August 1911 cycling mishaps / James Scannell — The Dunlavin massacre: two ballads of 1798 / Chris Lawlor.

Extra #1: Illustrated throughout with black & white photographs, maps and drawings.

Extra #2 Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide

Dunlavin’s Central Role in Prolonging the1798 Rebellion

Book Cover Image

© The Publisher

Full title: The Longest Rebellion: the Dunlavin massacre, Michael Dwyer and West Wicklow 1797-1803

Creator / Author: Chris Lawlor

Item Type / Page count: Book / 204p

When Published: 2007

Publisher / Place of Publication: Small World Publishing / 2 Great Strand Street, Dublin 1

About: This book, by local author Chris Lawlor, examines events related to the 1798 rebellion in the context of the massacre at Dunlavin Green. He looks at the background to the rebellion, the local factors at play and the effect that the massacre had in prolonging rebellious activities. In particular, he reviews the role of Michael Dwyer who spearheaded resistance from his base in the Wicklow mountains.

ID number(s): 9780955463426

Chapters: Acknowledgements – List of abbreviations — Introduction – Place: examines the pivotal position and strategic importance of the Dunlavin area within West Wicklow and neighbouring County Kildare – Time: explains political developments in America, France and Ireland that impacted on the Dunlavin region – Melting pot: analyses the complex social and political world of West Wicklow in the 1790s – Terror: details the violent times and terror tactics used in the Dunlavin region immediately prior to the 1798 rebellion – Massacre: chronicles the events of the 24 May 1798 in Dunlavin, when over forty men were executed – Aftermath: evaluates the effect of the Dunlavin massacre in the context of the wider rebellion and the insurgent career of Michael Dwyer – Resistance: concentrates on the guerrilla war waged by Michael Dwyer and his followers in the Wicklow Mountains from 1798 to 1803 – Conclusion – Map of West Wicklow –

Appendices: (1) Dunlavin Green ballads: The Ballad of Dunlavin Green — A Lamentation on the Heroes who Were Shot on Dunlavin Green — Dunlavin Green (2) The executed men: Yeomen Saundersgrove Corps — Yeomen Narraghmore Corps – Non-Yeomen from the area – Other Lists and Names (3) Ballads about Michael Dwyer: The Three Flowers – On Captain Dwyer – The Outlaw’s Bride – On An Escape of Dwyer – Michael Dwyer – The Ballad of Michael Dwyer (4) Courts Martial records – (5) Letters from Kilmainham Gaol – (6) Commemoration – (7) Michael Dwyer, the Wicklow chief – (8) The Ancient Briton Regiment – (9) The Judge, a short story about Dunlavin – (10) Interview with the author — Bibliography.

Extra #1: Includes several black & white photographs, maps, and illustrations.

Extra #2: Includes the words of several ballads and poems on people and events of the time.

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #5: View background information about this book via the Dunlavin District Forum website .

Cross by Name but not by Nature

Book Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: Crossbridge: ‘The Old Town in the Bog’ – Reminiscences of Crossbridge, County Wicklow

Creator / Author: Helga Mullen and Crossbridge Retirement Group

Item Type / Page count: Book / 165p

When Published: 2002

Publisher / Place of Publication: [The Authors] / Crossbridge, Tinahely, Co. Wicklow.

About: Crossbridge is an area approximately two miles to the west of Tinahely, covering about sixty square miles. This book contains history, folklore and reminiscences of the sixteen townlands that make up the area  once known as Moyntagh – the town in the bog. It is another example of an excellently produced history using local people as the focus of research.

ID number(s): None

Chapters: Introduction — Townland Tales — 1798 Rebellion – Hedge Schools — Famine Period — Local Folklore — Stories, Recitations agus Scéalta Eile — Sporting and Walking Traditions — Crossbridge National School — Achievements Down the Years — Crossbridge Community Sports Hall.

Extra #1: Contains photographs.

Extra #2: Contains a fold-out map of the area.

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Our Very Own Hollywood

Book Cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: Hollywood: a Wicklow Village

Creator / Author: Hollywood Local History Group

Item Type / Page count: Book / 72p

When Published: 1990

Publisher / Place of Publication: Hollywood Local History Group / Hollywood Co. Wicklow.

About: This book came about when the local guild of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA) participated in a national Arts Award Scheme. Their participation resulted in this book and an exhibition of local photographs and other items of interest. It is a nice little example of a local history produced with local community involvement.

ID number(s): None

Chapters: An Introdution — Pre-history and early history — Hollywood since the Famine – Hollywood: its organisations and achievements — The local churches and religious affairs — Family names — Some odds and ends — Acknowledgements — References.

Extra #1: Contains maps, illustrations and photographs.

Extra #2: Contains a poem and a ballad on Gaelic Football matches.

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Sing a Song of Rebellion

Book cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: Ballads and Poems of the Wicklow Rebellion 1798

Creator / Author: Ruán O’Donnell & Henry Cairns (editors).

Item Type / Page count: Book / 104p

When Published: 1998

Publisher / Place of Publication: Kestrel Books / Bray, Co. Wicklow

About: This book, published on the two-hundredth anniversary of the 1798 Rebellion, collects ballads and poems commemorating the event as it related to Wicklow and some neighbouring counties.

ID number(s): 1900505606 / 9781900505604

Chapters: William Byrne of Ballymanus (4 pieces) — Joseph Holt (3 pieces) —Michael Dwyer (9 pieces) — Anne Devlin (3 pieces) — 1798 in Wicklow (6 pieces) – Reflections of 1798 (15 pieces) — Appendices.

Extra #1: includes lyrics of 40 ballads and poems.

Extra #2: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

A Valley So Sweet

Book cover image

© The Publisher

Full title: The vale of Avoca: an illustrated history and guide

Creator / Author: Caoimhín de Líon

Item Type / Page count: Book / 64p

When Published: 1967 and later editions

Publisher / Place of Publication: Kamac Publications / 3 St. John’s Terrace, Mount Brown, Dublin 8.

About: A well illustrated and comprehensive guide to the Vale of Avoca, including three chapters relating to Thomas Moore, regarded as Ireland’s National Poet.

ID number(s): None

Chapters: Avoca’s early history — Avoca’s former wealth — The Avoca tramway — Avoca’s churches and churchmen — Moore’s tree — Thomas Moore — Moore’s Irish melodies — Handweaving — Whaley Abbey — Walks and drives around Avoca — Avondale — A journey through the vale.

WW Connection #1: The author served at various times, as parish priest of Blessington, of Dunlavin and of Donard.

Extra #1: includes photographs and song lyrics.

Extra #2:Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #3: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.

Extra #4: Link to the Author’s website http://www.kevinlyon.info/index.html

Thirty-Six Men Executed

Book cover image

© The Author

Full title: The Massacre on Dunlavin Green: a Story of the 1798 Rebellion

Creator / Author: Chris Lawlor

Item Type / Page count: Book / 175p

When Published: 1998

Publisher / Place of Publication: The Author / Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow

About: An account of  the atrocity where 36 local men were summarily executed for alleged involvement in and support for the Rebellion of 1798. The book looks at the context of the executions and tries to explain the situation in the area both preceding and following this horrific episode.

ID number(s): 0953294706 / 9780953294701

Chapters: A sense of place: Dunlavin — A sense of time: the 1790’s — The local scene in the 1790’s — Events leading to the massacre — Dramatis Personae I: Morley Saunders — Dramatis Personae II: Ryves and Richardson — The day of the massacre — The importance of document 620/37/133 — Aftermath — Commemoration — Conclusion.

WW Connection #1: Apart from the subject matter, the author is a native of Dunlavin.

Extra #1: includes photographs and maps.

Extra #2: includes words of some songs/ballads.

Extra #3: Check Libraries Ireland for this publication.

Extra #4: Check OCLC WorldCat.org for this publication in libraries worldwide.


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